Hi everyone, Welcome to Feni Faa!
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My name is Feni Fauziah and this is my personal blog.

I also stand under putrisoekarno or putri_soekarno as my nickname on social media.
Feni Faa it's just a short name of mine. Feni Fauziah, see? :D

And Putri Sukarno means i'm a daughter of Sukarno (My Father's name), ya, just like the first President of Indonesia. My grandma gives the name to my father and hope my father to be a successfull person, and he is. My father is a number one father in this world for me. And a successfull government officer. I'm saying this not because he has a great position in the office, but because he really enjoy what he do. He prefer call himself as a farmer, he loves to plant evertything, seeds of rice, vegetables, fruits, traditional medicine, etc. He is also my inspiration.

My father works for Department Of Agriculture, Indonesia. He helps farmer in the village, socializing about farming techniques, help to distribute fertilizer, sharing about how to deal with the pest and all his experience. Since he also a farmer, he really loves what he do to help others. He said to me "Do what you love is good, but when you can help others with your ability on doing what you love, and dedicate it to this country, it's much much better." So, here i am now. Doing what i love, help others and dedicate my work to this country (you can say i'm a silly dreamer, I am too idealistic,  but my integrity to this nation is unquestionable).

I'm a programmer and I work for Directorate General Of Customs and Excise, Ministry of Finance, Republic of Indonesia. Also as web Developer some times, i have experience using pure PHP, and some framework like CodeIgniter and YII Framework. And i started to learn about mobile application for android and iphone, i learn about Hybrid Mobile App Development using Ionic Framework and AngularJS. If you wanna learn this things together with me, feel free to contact me on fenifah@gmail.com.

I have blog to share everything about my programming experience which you can visit here : mylovelycode.wordpress.com  . And putrisoekarno.com is my personal blog and still on development. I write a lot about my hobby : Traveling.

I love to wear that kind of backpack and boots are still my favorite. I love to go to the beach, montain, museum, street tour, events, and everything that catch my attention. Everything, that makes me learn new things.

Makassar, Indonesia

One of best moment in my life, Kemenkeu Mengajar 2016 at Denpasar, Bali

Firs time going abroad. Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Thanks for visit my blogs :)

I'd love to keep in contact and make new friends. If you have something to ask, or anything else just kindly contact me : fenifah@gmail.com or my other social media account.
(But i suggest you, my fastest respon would be by email)