Indochina 2018 : Shopping Recap

Sabtu, April 14, 2018

Well, this would be my first post after strolling around in Indochina for 9 days. It was a wonderful journey that i really want to share soon, but it turns out that i will share my shoping recap first. lol XD
Random Shopping Recap


Actually, i didn't buy much, i just  found some cute things around my journey. Except, in Vietnam. Seriously, it was a rush journey. We're in a hurry, don't have time and don't have much money to buy things, but we spent our last night in Ho Chi Minh before heading to Phnomh Penh, by hang out in Starbucks T.T

It's the most random thing we did during our journey, we collected all of our Vietnam Dong left, and we got about 400k VND than decided to buy drinks in Starbucks near Pham Ngu Lao street, just to spend the time while waiting our bus to Phnom Penh at 11.30pm.
Yup. That's our face. 10 pm @ Starbucks , Vietnam.


Anw, now, let's start with my stuffs from Siem Reap, Cambodia.At that day, at the end of our small tour in Angkor Wat, we got so exhausted and we decided to buy some cold drink. But, then i look at some t-shirt and pants, start to ask the price and end up by bought these 3 things for 6 USD. I dunno, if it's cheap or a lil bit expensive since i'm not bargain much.
Well, i love the t-shirt cz it so comfortable when i wear it. And the pants, not only here, you can easily find others in Bangkok. And, cheaper i think XD

3 for 7 USD

I also got this lip balm at the minimarket near our hostel, when i just walked around to find cheap tuk-tuk for our Angkor Wat small tour on the next day. I''ll share the details later. And about this lip balm is around 2 USD, and.. i like the smell of the orchid. So i just bought it. wkwk.

Lip Balm, Orchid
Next, i got this cute litte starbucks mug. Hmm, quite expensive if compared to this price in other country, in Siem Reap Intl Airport, i bought it for 12USD. But in Bangkok, around +-400THB (sorry, i forgot XD) But, i didn't regret it  because it is sooo cute and unique stuffs. Then, i decide to give it to my BF ^^v

You Are Here Collection Ornament : Siem Reap  - 12USD
Ow, P.s I also got this magnet, Angkor Wat magnet in Siem Reap Intl Airport *so desperate to find a good one and only get it in Airport, wkwk.


Most stuffs i igot, i bought in in Bangkok, and this is it:
At the second day in Bangkok, we decided to go to Asiatique. We went there by boat from Southern Pier near our Hostel (only 3 minutes walk, i'll write review about our Hostel later, promise!) There's a free boat from this Pier to Asiatique, quite easy to find. My friend said it has a good view of Chao Phraya river, there's a lot of shopping market, and also, have a beautiful sunset. And it is! There's so many fancy cafe and foods that you can easily find (but quite expensive i think, it's about min.200THB/person-wihtout drink). My friend decided try Scorpio! God! But not for me, it's not my thing XD. I spent my time by walking around the shopping market, so many cute things i can find, cheap price (sometimes). Sellers sometime can speak Indonesian, and they gave us cheap price, which i dont really like T.T Cz it means i can't bargain anymore T.T Ahh, forget it. Just take a look for what i got!
@ 80 THB
This totebag i bought from one of the store, the sellers still young, his name is Mohan (it sound like that when he said his name, but i'm not really sure, wkwk) from Myanmar. I asked how old he was, like 20 yo. I asked if he is student, but, no, he is only working here. He can speak English, Thailand, Indonesian, Korean, Chinese (though only for selling stuffs) and Myanmar (of course). He is a nice guy and he gave us good price! Hmm, may be if you go to Asiatique, you can visit his store.
The Myanmar guy, not really sure his name. 
Sling Bag only 100THB
I think totebag is good enough for friends, as the pocket is also good stuffs. I also found this cute sling bag, it is for me, i love it and really like it. Only 100THB XD. My friend also bought scented candles, the price depends on it''s shape and size.
Another sling bag for my lil girl. From Chinatown
Last Day in Bangkok, we plan to go to Chatucak. Just walk from our hostel to Saphan Taksin Sta, we bought ticket 44THB to Mo Chit Station, where we can walk 500m to reach Chatucak weekend market. Hmm, the price i so cheap! If you wanna buy a lot of stuffs from Bangkok, i recommend this place! But, you have to be careful and picky sometimes. Since there's a lot of sellers, they offer you some cheap stuffs! But if you a lil bit patient, and walk around inside, you will find cheaper price! In Asiatique, i bought lil pocket, 80THB contains 3 pockets, but in Chatucak, i can find 10pockets for 100THB! God! But, it only one store i found that sell it, others, sell 100 for 3. I also got keychain, and another totebag, but i bought it more expensive than Asiatique, 100THB T.T But its okay, i have no choice since i forgot, i should buy three, but in Asiatique i only take two T.T

Keychain 100THB - Chatucak. Mirror 50THB and Pouch (100THB for 3) in Asiatique

another pouch 10 for 100THB - Chatucak
Notebook, No Line. 100THB  - Chatucak


Left to Right : Singapore 25.90SGD (bonus 1 drink, i got  ventri frappuccino green tea + chocohip),
 Thailand (Welcome Spring) 470THB, Pattaya 420THB
In our random stories, we hang out at Starbucks in each country, my friend wanna try the special menu on each country, but i just an ordinary GTL-fans XD And i got 3 Starbucks tumblr. This two, i got in Thailand. One in Tha Maharaj Pier (after visit Grand Palace) and one, near our hostel. Ogh, we love our hostel, so strategic location afterall!

On our way back home, we decide to transit in Singapore, we went to Starbucks (again) in Changi Airport. I got this cute tumblr for 25.90SGD plus free drinks all size. I took Venti - Grean Tea Frappuccino with chocolate chip. My Fav <3

Okay, that's all for my shopping recap. As you see, it's not much. But it was the most stuffs i've bought when traveling. I usually do not buy things (may be just magnet or small keychain).

Also, get some KitKat in Singapore. At train station, right before going back to the Airport

See you on my next post! *still confuse what to post next btw XD

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