Rafting PSI Family 2017

Senin, Agustus 14, 2017

Rafting PSI Family 2017 : intinya, ini adalah acara semacam family gathering yang diadakan di Sukabumi, kegiatannya: Rafting.

Rafting PSIFamily diadakan pada tanggal 22 Juli 2017 dengan total jumlah peserta sekitar 58 orang. Kami menggunakan satu bis besar, pagi hari kami berangkat sekitar jam 7 dan sampai disana jam 11 siang *setelah sedikit nyasar tapi alhamdulillah kami sanggup kembali ke jalan yang benar *apaseh feni. Well, ini acaranya udah hampir sebulan yang lalu tapi tulisan ini baru sempat ku selesaikan karena satu dan beberapa hal yang membuat tulisan ini mengendap di draft selama berminggu-minggu T.T

I'm very glad that this event can be done, well. Walaupun dengan beberapa kesalahan yang saya buat. Ini pertama kalinya saya jadi panitia lagi setelah sekian lama, saya juga ngerasa sense of responsibility sebagai panitia agak berkurang dan kayaknya saya serasa gak begitu sadar dengan tugas-tugas saya. Alhamdulillahnya, migrain doesn't comes out to me, at least at this event. Praise God.

Dari judulnya kayaknya saya bakal bahas asal muasal dan review acara ini gitu ya? Padahal enggak juga XD saya ingin menjadikan tulisan ini sebagai bahan introspeksi diri saya sendiri (dasar egois! mending judulnya diganti!) Gak lah, biar ngehits! (Sudah biasa, feni talk to feni. Me talk to myself, please don't get me wrong. I am still normal, just sometimes weird).

Well, seperti saya bilang, saya ingin menjadikan tulisan ini sebagai bahan isntrospeksi diri saya. Saya mau confess beberapa kesalahan saya disini, and i am so sorry.

Saya diberi amanah sebagai persiapan konsumsi. Awalnya saya menyanggupi untuk membeli stock minum dan snack malam. Well, but to decide almost of it, i'm just ask to the other friends : how about it? i can't decide it myself since i haven't been in this situation for long and for the past year, i am in a very hard situation that makes me apathetic, surround myself with myself, not talking and not want to know anyone else. I was deppressed, frutstated and confused at the same time.  (will takes pages to tell this story so i won''t go further)

We're talking about the snacks, what kind of snacks, how many, and how do we bring it to the office and the others. I always ask and ask the other people even who doesn't in the commitee. Pardon me to annoyed you all! And, when the day is coming.. another mistakes happened..

My senior asked me to buy some extra snack to those who are playing fun games, and not participate the rafting trip. Then me and my friend decide to pick three kind of snacks, you know, and there are pudding, risol and lupis. The lupis was separated the snack, the grated coconut and palm sugar. After lunch, we're separated with people who are going to rafting and who aren't. We go to the finish location and playing fun games there. Yes we are, and you know what happen? I forgot to bring the snacks. I was in a complicated situation. Friends who were going to rafting just asked me to bring their backpack. I said some, and i actually bring 3 bags plus mine, total 4. Then i get to the car, it was like open pick up car, seems like tuk-tuk but its not, emm, like police car that bring the suspect or whatever its called, idk, it was like this:
This is it, i dont know what this is called. Anw, it wasnt me. I found this pic somewhere on google.

I was inside, so many people, so many bags and i can't move. Just breath and cannot even take photos but, it was me! Look me inside! Then the snacks~ i forgot!

Trust me, it's me T.T
After arrived in the finish location i asked the vendor to get our snacks, i used to contact my friend but its difficult to find signal, very hard, even our instructor have to go upstairs to communicate with others.. Then, wait for an hour or more, then the snack coming, thanks god. But wait, he said that his friend cannot find the other snacks, that is in white plastic located on the bus, guess what? Its the grated coconut and the palm sugar! Oh, i feel so guilty :( Pudding and risol are favorite, thanks god that the woman likes it so much but still "äh, lupis is so yummy if the palm sugar is here..." Oh god, felt more guilty. Cannot ask friends, they didn't care about it. It was my responsibility. But i am trying :(

At the end, i saw the lupis, gone, euw, i mean, people still like it and ate. It's well consumed, God, thanks :( They said it was still good, i am still sorry for my fault, they said its okay, child, its okay :(

The other task for me is to capture moments. It was around 20 of us and about ten kids. I have to document the events, so do i have to participate to the game. I was doing both, moms asked me and i cannot refused. Theres 2 women who are pregnant. Then moms said : you participate to the game. And pregnant women can look after the kids. Then i do, with the camera in my hands, sometimes take pics and sometime take video. Then i saw some moms that run over her child, i thik something wrong, why the woman over there just sit and look after the kids, didnt play with kids or make game with them? Ah, then i remember : the one who responsible to play games with the kids is me! :( *saaad! I also forgot, i was given the responsibility to take care of the kids! Oh God, pardon me! I was so confused with the snacks, the photograph, the moments, the video, the games, the foods, the bags, and i forgot! Another silly of me! But a mom said to me: the game was so fun, we're really enjoyed it. Thanks. And also we like the instructor, he is humble and fun and each game have meaning for us. May be we need to make another event like this in the future ^_^

Thanks God!

The event ended and we go back to the capital city. We arrived  at 11pm, we get the stuffs out of the bus and guess what, another friend realize : hey, this is still some risol and palm sugar, why'd be here? It should be for the fun games. I cant say anything else just "it was left behind. i forgot it. i asked the commitee but they just can get the pudding, some of the risol, and lupis, without coconut and palm sugar bcz it was separated in the different cardboard" and in my head is very loud, so many explanation i arranged but it goes nothing from my mouth. I was too tired and sometimes i feel "it was in my mind, i am not strong enough to tell it right now, its okay, they can read my mind" BUT THEY DOESN'T! Its not they who are wrong, its my fault, where did i get to think like that? People read my mind? Just because i am too tired, cant explain and loud enough in my head T.T Silly of me!

Whatever it takes, this event stil have a good ending.
Ah, im so guilty, and is it supposed to be funny? No! T.T

SORY FOR MY ENGLISH! I know it sucks but lucky you who can still understand my story XD
Can't help!

This is me, the annoying one. The careless one.

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