My First Time Join Tech In Asia Jakarta 2016

Selasa, Januari 10, 2017

Well, this is a very late post. Since i really want to write this things but.. yeah, can't explain much. (just skip this one, haha)

So, Tech in Asia was held in 16-17 November 2016, but i join the second day, ya, because on the first day i still have a lot of job to do. I attended Tech in Asia Jakarta 2016, with a free pass as Woman Enterprenur.
Welcome to Tech In Asia, Jakarta 2016
Still feeling weird to wear that tags, bcz i'm just an ordinary developer and i expect to be woman in tech, female dev or maybe female geek 😂 Well, may be it's my fault, register on wrong form T.T
But i got it as a woman enterpreneur, and by that tag, i got some offer such as virtual office or other bussiness offer. Hhaa, anw, ok, let's start!

First time you read the schedule then start to wonder!

Starts from Fire Talk with Nadiem Makarim, CEO of the largest Indonesian StartUp Company, GO-JEK.
Nadiem Makarim
Nadiem talk much about Go-Pay, as the grece and the glue of the transaction in Go-Jek Apps. Say, he is in Singapore or wherever in this world, he still can order food for his mom at home. You can order something without have real face-to-face interaction with both gojek driver or mom. People nowadays really like go-pay and going cash-less. Then, Nadiem is being asked about the way he recruit the Gojek developers, whats the criteria and he answered: "Number one is mindset to keep learning. Experience doesn't matter, it's not about how many years you've been working. You can build experience. But it's about your mindset to keep growing. Willing to learn. Ask question after question. Ask more question. Curiousity. Courage to fail. Take the risk. And good leadership. How to be nice, how be kind to others how can he make others "accept his leadership in a good way". And i'm waiting for someone to say "No" to me, to Nadiem Makarim. Bcz i really apperciate it and it is really good things. " A very nice answer from Nadiem.

Dan Clarke
Next i move to product stage. Learning about "How to Find the Right SEO Strategy for your product" presented by Dan Clarke. Fyi, formerly Dan is a police officer and now he is CEO of Disruptient. He always said that the most important thing is content. Content is The King for your websitel. He also said that slow loading website will push your down your web ranks. Not run well in mobile devices will also push it down. Make sure your web looks pretty good and run smoothly on mobile. Then next speaker is Melvin Sumapung that tell us How to Find and Use the Best Information from our data.


Next, finally i join Developer Stage. At first there a sharing session from Sigit Prayoga from JLP (Jakarta Learn Programming) to build webb app with AngularJS 2 and Go-Lang, actually we do some little web scraping. Get content categories from BukaLapak. And then, after good coding session, i met Gito Nugroho, Software Client Architect of IBM Indonesia.
Gito talk about machine learning and Cognitive Computing, it is so interesting. Gito shows us about IBM Watson, it's a machine IBM created. You can try IBM Watson API on IBM BlueMix!

It's a great great experience.
Great event, great speakers from the experts.

Thanks GOD. 

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