PIN CUSHION - Story Of Mushrooms

Kamis, Februari 25, 2016

A few days ago i went to a bazaar and sell some hand craft product. One of those is this Pin cushion in a cute mushroom shape. This is a original handmade from my friend. You can visit her instagram @endah_rizky 

Craft. You just need a lot of creativity to make various product. And decorate it as attractive as possible to get people attention, but don't forget the function. This pin cushion is to place pin, brooch, or needle which usually used by hijabers. Just stick the pin in the mushrooms, or pull it when you wanna use it.

And also, it has a cute design, right? :D You can have this pin cushion only for IDR 15k :)

Wanna have some? Just contact @endah_rizky :)

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