My Travel Bag

Rabu, Februari 24, 2016

Hello again there. This time i wanna share the story about my 'travel bag'. Haa, as you can see on the pic, it's a carrier. Kind of backpack that is usually used by the mountaineers. But, not me. I'm not a mountaineers but i love to wear this backpack. Or should i call this my travel bag. Hha. I love to travel, especially to the beach, island, snorkeling *although i can't swim. I am a feminist but i dont like suitcase. "Ribet" in indonesian languange. So i decide to look for a backpack, i just wear it and it always with me. No need to pull it. Heavy? Don't really matter to me, i just take it easy 'cz the backpack is comfortable when i wear it. And i love my shoes too (this is from +Adorable Projects Indonesia

 This pic taken at Taman Anggrek Mall. At that day, i've just back from Harapan Island. Travelling with my friends. Enjoy the beautiful sea and sunset. *wrong costum* my friends really want to try ice skating. Backpacker in the mall? You should try and enjoy how people staring at you like a strange. For me, this is my second time. I ever did this too when i went to my friend's apartmen. I have to wait and i feel hungry so i go to the mall in the apartmen (Kasablanka) and got some dinner. People thought i climbed the mountain but it's not. I am from the beach. I love beach. I like mountain too, but i'm not kinda person who always say 'yes' if you ask me to climb. No, my body is not strong enaugh to do that. I want to, but my body can't :)

I wear the bag to travel, to go back my hometown and even if i'm in a long dress, i still wear it :D Love the Red! :D

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