Senin, Mei 26, 2014


Wohooo! It works!
Emm, I copied this from 'about us' page on hehe.. He describe it very well.
It's great you know? though i didn't give any idea about this, but i'm happy.
They're great! Kaget juga, mereka yang ketika ide ini muncul, kemudian saat itu juga beli domain, buat logo, malemnya launch! ini kereeenn!! :D
and... ups, 'the girl' in this article,, eumm,,, it's me -____-
Poor girl, slept at 3 am, and came late to the meeting :|
But, yea, i like post-hardcore music, #ehh #salahfokus >.<

Started from sunday morning chit chat in a cafe on Kridosono area, Jogjakarta. We set up a meeting with a girl to talk about our project. The girl start introduced herself, stated that she have been working on a game developer. Heared that girl’s company name, we pinched our eyebrows, didn't have any clue about that name. Doh!, we really ashamed of ourselves that we live like a frog underneath a turtle shell, didn’t know any other startup in our own city. We found an idea, what if we make a website that will list startup that located in Jogja, because networking is important. On the morning we planned to do this site, and then on the evening, bam! this website was live. After all, that’s one of many ways how startup made, does it?
But really, the true purpose of this site was to create solid relationship and unbreakable creative circle among Jogja startups. Jogja is one of Indonesia creative city, so why we don't create an ambience to make it more creative. Be known, giving support each other, and build network. Made our success to be benefit for all.
Startup isn’t just about trend or cool thing or method. But startup is about spirit. About doing what you love and makes you great. About putting your courage, creativity, meaning, and heart into what you believe. About taking risks, and do every effort to makes your idea come to life.
If you have a company that still struggling, hasn't been settled, currently building network, maintaining business plan or if you don't have enough sleep, don't take any vacation, work seven days a week. That we called it startup. Then, we welcome you with big smile and monggo gesture to introduce your startup company to the world by this site. Let’s make a kicking ass history!


  • Gustopo Galang W. @gustopo
    Did the awesome logo that has hidden arrow.
  • Agung Jati S. @its_agungjk
    Neatly planned the meeting and helped purchased domain name.
  • Kenniko O.P @kennikoop
    You currently look to what his worked on sunday evening. Still got question?
  • Feni Fauziah @putri_soekarno
    Slept 3 am and met with us on 9 am. Hardcore!

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  1. Unfortunately, not stay in Jogja :(

    1. kalo begitu buat dong mas :D :D ehehehe (y)

  2. amazing, creativ idea (y)
    can i submit my websites community ?


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